(182) Atlas de Tecnología Ambiental de Europa, 2007

Atlas de Tecnología Ambiental de Europa 2007 / Environmental technology atlas 2007

Environmental Technologies, Good practice, innovation, research and development
European Environment Agency

  • Categories — three types of environmental technology information in Europe:

  • Knowledge centres dealing with ecoinnovation and technology R&D
  • Manufacturing companies and
  • Main technology installations
  • Types — for each category

  • Resource management
  • Pollution management
  • Monitoring and forecasting
  • Integrated approaches


Resource Management
Waste – recycling & processing, Forestry and agriculture, Sustainable water, Management, Energy renewable, Energy production and storage, Energy efficiency, Resource and material efficiency, Life sciences, Eco-design, Bioplastic/biorefinery, Ecotourism, Ecosystem management

Pollution Management
Air – Prevention and reduction of pollution, Mitigation of noise pollution, Soil – prevention and remediation of pollution, Waste minimisation & disposal, Water sanitation

Monitoring and Forecasting
Weather forecasting, Value of forecasting, Environmental monitoring

Sustainable mobility (Hydrogen distribution Hydrogen distribution, Methane refuelling stations Methane refuelling stations, GPL refuelling stations GPL refuelling stations, E85 refueling stations E85 refueling stations, Biodiesel refuelling stations Biodiesel refuelling stations, Hydrogen manufacturers Hydrogen manufacturers, Methane manufacturers Methane manufacturers, GPL manufacturers GPL manufacturers, E85 manufacturers E85 manufacturers, Biodiesel manufacturers Biodiesel manufacturers, Fuel cell manufacturers Fuel cell manufacturers, Vehicles: Electric, Hybrid, Flexible Fuel Vehicles: Electric, Hybrid, Flexible Fuel, Mobility software Mobility software, Mobility centre of knowledge Mobility centre of knowledge), Intersectoral, Construction, Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Extractive (mining and quarrying), Nanotechnology, Biotechnologies

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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